FMI Off [MacBook Required] iOS 10 - 13.7 Supported

Price: $600MXP(27USD)


Download Tool: iOpenMenu Tool

IMPORTANT NOTE: Untethered devices or Hello Screen NOT SUPPORTED

Supported devices:

-iPhone 5 to iPhone XS[iPhone/iPad]
-iOS Version: 10 - 14.2
*Note: Jailbreak Required


1.-Download tool, jailbreak your device, open app and it will copy automatically your UDID so you can paste it above in payment box
2.-Connect your device to your mac and click start removal(iPoneMenu App), you will receive a message if your device is eligible for FMI Off
3.-If your device is eligible for FMI Off then proceed to pay here and paste your UDID in above box.
4.-Turn Wifi Off and remove SIMCard
5.-Once your payment is done your UDID will be automatically registered on the server and you can click on start removal(iOpenMenu App)
6.-If FMI Off is successful you will see a message containing your serialNumber, confirm it by using checkers online using your serialNumber
and if you see fmi status is OFF, congrats! It means you can restore your device
7.-If your device is still ON the contact support


Twitter: @Cl0ud114
Gmail[email or chat]: [email protected]

- What happens if owner has changed the password? Money Back Guaranteed Policy