Untethered & Network(Cellular)[MacBook Required]

Price: $500MXP(25USD)


Dwonload Tool: iCarrier V2.0

Supported devices:

-iPhone 7 to iPhone X
-iOS Version: 13 - 14.3
*Note: jailbreak Required


1.-Download tool, jailbreak your device, open the app(iCarrierUntethered), if your device is Global(MEID) it will popup a message telling your device is not supported.
2.-If your device is supported for Untethered+Cellular then app will copy automatically your IMEI so you can paste it in above box.
3.-Once your payment is done your IMEI will be automatically registered on the server.
4.-Jailbreak your device, remove any simcard, turn on WiFi in your device and click Activate to start the process.
5.-If process is successfull a message will popup: "Successfully Activated ... Rebooting device" it means you can reboot your device, after reboot insert a working SIMCard. Enjoy it!
6.-If your device didnt receive a successfull message then contact support, provide IMEI and picture of message app(iCarrierUntethered) gives after process ends.


Twitter: @Cl0ud114
Gmail[email or chat]: [email protected]