iCloud Bypass Service

These services are for the following iOS versions and devices, please make sure your device is supported:

-iOS 10-10.2.1 for All devices
-iOS 6-9.3.5 All iPads up to iPad 2,4(iCloud bypass will be tethered on iOS 9.3.5 on iPad2,4)
-iOS 6-7.1.2 for All devices
-MDM Bypass iOS 10.3.3 & lower for All devices
-Carrier Bypass iOS10.3.3 & lower versions(RSIM must be inside of the device)[UNDER MAINTAINANCE]

WARNING: iCloud Bypass means your device won't be able to make||receive calls||sms

How do i find my device information? Download ihactivate.rar, extract it, connect your device to your
computer and double click on ihactivate.exe

Once Payment is done you can bypass your device all the times you want! Isn't it great?

Price: $230MXP(11USD)


1.- First make the payment and your device SerialNumber will be registered
on server automatically after the payment.
2.- Click and download the tool you need for your device:
3.- If your device is on iOS version 10-10.2.1 download ihactivate10-1021.rar, connect your device to your PC and double click on ihactivatex.exe
4.- If your device is on iOS version 9.3.5 or lower you will need to download ihactivate.rar, connect your device and double click on ihactivate.exe
5.- Enjoy!!!

NOTE: For GSM Devices you will need to do the SIMTrick(any simcard is useful, set a PIN, usually is 1111 or 1234), watch the next video tutorials:

- iCloud Bypass iOS10-10.2.1 Video

- iCloud Bypass iOS6.1.3 Video

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